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Here you can find out information about the Ford Fiesta Zetec Sport, information on modifying your Fiesta from the mk5 to the mk7, including Photos, Videos and much more. Please follow the links on your left, or find out whats new below!

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The mk5 Fiesta intro…


The mk5 Fiesta Zetec-S is a popular car for young people to modify in this day and age, the price of the car has come down in recent years making it very affordable, being a Ford parts are cheap and easy to come by with a whole range of performance modifications avalible for the little Fiesta.  Finding a decent example of the Zetec-s is becoming harder to come by, as many have been modified badly or simply neglected. Being a Ford they are prone to, yes you guessed it Rust! The common places on the mk5 Fiesta are rear arches, but don’t forget around the door seals, as well as underneath the car near the rear beam and around the sills.

Engines are normally pretty safe as long as they sound healthy and have been maintained well and have not been starved of oil, engines are cheap and pretty simple to replace if needed and a good excuse to do the famous Fiesta Puma conversion.

Modifying, times have changed from lairy bodykits and huge winged spoilers with flashy paint jobs to more subtle modifications or ‘track car’ influenced cars, more on this next week.